Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I perform at the Sparam Live Stream?

Answer: Submit your artist information to


Question: How much does it cost to use the Sparam Live Stream?

Answer: We have many options that will work for your event. Contact us here:


Question: What should I bring?

Answer: Please bring Identification, PPE, and an understanding of the Venue Guidelines.


Question: What additional safety measures are in place?

Answer: All locations and surfaces are regularly disinfected, and Venue Protocols are strictly enforced.


Question: Will there be hand washing stations/sanitizer available?

Answer: Yes. 


Question: What is the ratio of the Main Stage Video?

Answer: 16:9 Ratio


Question: Can we use content that is protected by a PRO?

Answer: No and Yes. No if you do not have permission, or have ownership. Yes it if you do and have prior clearance from the streaming media source. Keep in mind that media sources will block transmission if the permissions have not been granted.


Question: What is a “Program Director”?

Answer: The Program Director is the person who directs the program. Basically the person that decides what screen is broadcasted during the stream.


Question: Can I obtain the audio multi-track files from the performance?

Answer: Yes! Please contact your Sparam Live Stream representative for pricing.


Question: Can I stream my content to my own social media outlet?

Answer: Yes. We have success sending streaming feeds to Instagram Live, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and More! 


***SPECIAL NOTE*** All performances will be live streamed through the Sparam Entertainment platforms of choice unless otherwise arranged prior to broadcast.