Lee Brown

Lee Brown is a British solo artist currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. Lee officially began his music career in 2015 as a member of the international boyband Phase Five, where he fell in love with music and went on to tour the USA and the United Kingdom. He is now pursuing his highly anticipated solo project and we cannot wait for the whole world to hear his music.

Lee draws inspiration from all genres of music, from old school Motown legends like The Four Tops and the Drifters, Classic Rock icons such as The Beatles, all the way to modern pop artists such as Charlie Puth and Justin Timberlake. However, one of Lee’s main inspirations is the British Superstar Robbie Williams.

“The way Robbie demands attention on stage is like no other. He has the ability to captivate every single person in the crowd. This just comes natural to him. I have studied Robbie since a very young age. He is a true legend”- LB

Although, Lee’s “career” only begun in 2014, he is no newbie to the stage. Majoring in Performing Arts at Liverpool’s prestigious LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing arts) owned by none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself. Lee accumulated a lot of the skills and stage presence he has today from the 3 years he spent at this school.

Lee’s vision is to inspire young kids to follow their dreams and to know that anything is possible. Coming from a very small town in the middle of England, Lee knows all about how hard it is to break out of “the norm” and try something new.

“When I sell out my world tour, I will take that opportunity to assure everybody that they do not need to conform to what society expects of them. You can achieve anything if they work hard and put your mind to it.”- LB

Lee Brown's Latest Releases

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