There is quite a bit that goes into a professional stream. Here are some of the details you need to know.

Streaming Platforms

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • Twitch

  • Instagram Live

Where does stream go?

Your choice of media outlet is just that, your choice. When you contract* Sparam Live Stream you simply provide your log in credentials, and we do the rest. 

*Contracting Sparam Live Steam includes the transaction of compensating Sparam Live Stream for services.

In addition to your choice of stream, the Social Sanctuary will ALSO stream to multiple outlets.


In the industry, a banner or bug is a graphic overlay placed on screen in the corners of screen with general information, titles etc.

All Streams produced by Sparam Live Stream will have a Sparam Live Stream Banner applied for the entire stream. This banner will include sponsors of the stream, Sparam Live Stream logos and the name of your act.

Please inquire if you have any questions.

Ratio and Quality

Sparam Live Stream broadcasts at 1080p HD - 16:9 Ratio.


Sparam Live Stream uses Canon Cameras. Standard set up is one (1) Roaming Camera and one (1) Static Front Camera. More cameras are available upon request. Please consult your Sparam Live Stream contact for further information.

All filming will be conducted by Erin & Jake Photography. Streaming is processed through Streamlabs and ReStream. Sparam Live Stream utilizes Apple Mac computers.


Sparam Live Stream audio is mixed using Pro Tools and DiGiCo Audio Consoles and industry standard microphones, cables, snakes, processors, pre amps etc.


Sparam Live Stream has a full lighting rig utilizing LED Pars, Motion Strips, Par Cans, LED Strips, Moving Heads and Atmospherics.


Sparam Live Stream has a 12' x 16' stage at 2'.